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Roundtable Life Skills is an intervention and training business for children and adults. We provided our services through classes, workshops, groups, and events. Our goal is to help train young people who are transitioning into adulthood. By providing them with the knowledge and skills required to build productive and successful lives. These skills include but are not limited to work readiness skills, life skills, mentorship, career planning, self-esteem, educational goals, anger management, money management, and physical and mental health. We also provide intervention services for adults assisting with budgeting help, soft skills for the workplace, and anger management. The home is a child's first place of learning, so we focus on building family connections with events that increase communication, creativity, and transparency.

 Why Roundtable

Roundtable Life Skills sees the need to address the deficit in soft skills recognized by today's employers.  Employers are finding job seekers are often well-versed in technical skills, but often have difficulties with problem-solving, critical thinking, motivation, communication, and time management. This is especially true for Generation Z job seekers. Young adults dealing with financial uncertainty have an increased rate of drug and alcohol abuse, violent crime, and physical and mental health diagnoses.
​In addition to soft skills training, we offer an evidence-based anger management program to help individuals learn to handle their professional and personal conflicts properly.

However, we couldn't forget about our school-age children. Roundtable is also an evidence-based Arise program trained and recognized. We provide the Arise life skills curriculum for grades 2-12. Roundtable wants to address some of the challenges today's youth are facing. We also want to be a resource for parents and educators, providing our children with the knowledge to make better-informed decisions.

Group Seflie
Group Seflie


Roundtable Life Skills is an intervention and training resource for the community, families, adults, and teens looking to increase their interpersonal skills in the workplace and personal relationships.


To be an essential and functional resource that focuses on building foundations through the human experience for communities, families, and children. Through best practices and adaptation of evidence-based prevention programming, training, and events.

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