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Teaching Collaboration & Partnerships

Do you have a skill or professional knowledge that you want to share with others?


Skills from patching a hole in the wall to sewing a hole in a jacket, all matters at some point.

At Roundtable, we want to be a location that provides real life knowledge and application for personal development.  To accomplish this, all we are missing is you!

If you are interested in teaching your own  small class give us a call or email us today.  

Roundtable Life Skills, understands that we are just one piece of the puzzle. It takes assembling partnerships and collaborations with stake holders, other agencies and the community to make the changes we are looking for. We look forward to building these relationships, and we thank all of those who already believe in our work and the effect it will have on the lives of those we serve.







A special thank you goes out to:

Dianne Hall, Lashunda Issac, Kienyisha Curtis, Natasha Hollingsworth, Bonita Belcher, Shemeka Summers, Tamika Mathews, Christopher Hall, Kimmery Merriman, Shenaila Williams, Simone Scott, Arthur Lawrence, Ronald Brisbane, Ariella Jordan, Schlandolyn Willams, Cheryl Alvarez, Lakisha Bishop, Evelyn Stevenson, Larry Savage and Chauntae Saunders.

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